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17. Jan 2015

Zukki Nakachi

New year - same problems

Oh well...
Happy New Year everyone~!

It's a brand new year, but problems keep piling up right off the bat. To everyone who waited for the subs for White Lab: I'm SO sorry. I definitely didn't want to let you down, but you know, life just keeps throwing one stone after another right in front of me. That is just a bit too much for me. Therefore I simply couldn't get myself to translate anything, but I hope you can forgive me for that. I really hope there's been a kind soul who translated the series by now, since it aired so long ago.
When everything is order again, I hope I can get back to translating and will look for series that are worth watching but haven't been translated yet.

19. Aug 2012

Okay TokyoDOGS

Drama Review - To the beautiful you

Alright, since I wrote a review about an anime last time, this time it's about a Korean drama!
So, the drama I'm going to talk about is To the beautiful you (아름다운 그대에게, Areumdawoon Geodaeege) a manga adaption of Hana Kimi by Nakajo Hisaya (中条 比紗也).
As most of you will know, there already have been three other adaptions, a Taiwanese and two Japanese versions. The Korean version seems to be, other than being based on the manga, rather close to the first Japanese version. Until today there are 2 episodes out, since the drama runs since 15th August, 2012. There are probably about 14 episodes more to come. So apart from the things I've actually seen until now, I'll have to make some assumptions about the plot.

To the beautiful you

Okay, let's start with the probably most confusing thing: the names. Of course, since it's a Korean drama this time, the names have changed, too. For it would be too much to list all names, I'll limit it to the main characters. Sano Izumi, Ashiya Mizuki and Nakatsu Shuichi were renamed to Kang Tae Jun, Gu Jae Hi and Cha Eun Geol respectively.
Alright, now I'll talk about the altering that has been made so far. Right now it seems that Mizuki's counterpart wasn't in any way involved in the incident that caused Sano's injury. She just wants to support him and therefore enrolls in the school which now is called "Genie Physical Education High School". Also Nakao Senri, renamed to Jong Min, seems to be crazy about Nakatsu not about dorm head Nanba. The male dog which was originally named Yuujiro is now a female dog named Saengchae.
Since the school here has become a Physical Education School everyone in the dorms seems to excel in at least on kind of sport and dorm 1 to 3 has it's own symbol (eagle, tiger and dragon, respectively). But it also seems, dorm 1 is still pretty intense and dorm 3 quite... unique... well, maybe just plain foolish. Going on with the altered things, it looks like the school's doctor Umeda is going to be a straight guy instead of being gay and will probably involved in a love triangle with another male and a female teacher. Further Mizuki has gotten an original and unexpected love rival (that was not part of the Japanese drama nor the original manga) in form of Seol Han Na, a rhythmic gymnastics athlete and model/ idol who claims to be Sano's girlfriend.
So far these are all alterations that I noticed, but even though this version differs from the original it don't has to be bad.
I actually had a quite good expression of the first two episodes. Sure, Mizuki's ambition to support Sano is a more romantic one but that's not that bad. The actors are doing a great job in portraying the different characters. While Mizuki and Sano are quite easy to play, I think Nakatsu is the most difficult role to play. But I think Lee Hyun Woo does a great job on it so far! He's just 19 years old and seems to have great potential, so I'm expecting a lot from him in the coming episodes. Especially regarding the inner conflict of being gay or not. Although it looks like any other romantic comedy right now, I'm sure it will develop into something extremely dramatic. But I expect it to still have the typical Korean congeniality such as bathroom scenes (referring to the beginning of episode two where at first Nakatsu storms into Mizuki and Sano's bathroom, with Mizuki in there, to pee and shortly after that Nanba to take a dump).

I don't know what the series will turn into, but I'll still stick with it until the end. So if your a fan of Hana Kimi it probably won't hurt to watch this drama!

27. Apr 2012

in love

Anime Review - Kuroko no Basuke

Today I thought I'd like to review about a new anime adaption.
The anime I'm talking about is Kuroko's Basketball (黒子のバスケ, Kuroko no Basuke) by Fujimaki Tadatoshi (藤巻 忠俊). Normally I'm not that fond of sports anime, except a few ones. But I was quite positively surprised by this series. The manga this anime is based on (serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump since the end of 2008) has already 17 volumes, so I suppose there'll be quite an amount of episodes. Since I didn't read the manga and there are only 3 episodes out until now (since the first episode aired on 7th April, 2012), I'm just gonna talk about that.

As I said, I'm usually not that fond of sports anime and I don't especially like basketball. But I tried it out, because I've heard a lot of good reviews about this series. And I must say that it was really worth my time. Even though 3 episodes are not that much, the characters seem to be developed in great detail and are quite interesting. There's already a great variety of different characters like Kuroko, Kagami and Kise. Kuroko as the quite invisible, weak but determined person, Kagami the powerful, self-confident and somewhat lone wolf, and also Kise the flashy allrounder with a somewhat split personality.

Based on just the anime the series looks like it has a great potential and I suppose the story will (hopefully) take some unexpected and interesting turns in the future. So I'm definitely gonna stay tuned to this series! And I recommend it warmly to everyone who likes a funny and promising anime, even if you don't like basketball like me.

10. Sep 2010

Zukki Nakachi

Yossha!! |D

 Well... just one year to go, isn't it? This month I entered my last year in university and I'm really positive that this year will be great. Since I'm born in the year of the hare (which will be next year, when I have my intermediate examination at the beginning and my diploma in the middle of the year) I think things will go just fine^^
I'm having a good time at the moment, being able to do my work when I get the brief and having the time to play my favorite games! I even got to watch dramas I have about 2 years now... xD
And I've got the time to go in holiday in october, right luxarius ?^^ Just 3 hours and 15 minutes with the IC... *kukuku*

Well, that's it for today^^
Going to report back if something interesting happens^^

26. Dez 2009

Zukki glasses

Christmas is over!

Well at least almost...~ Woah, I soooo~ glad Christmas is over. It wasn't that bad at last, but there were still some things that pissed me off. But then... doesn't matter. Since Christmas is again 11 months away~

So, holidays first week is almost over and there are still a lot of things I need to do And guess what? I'll still go on a trip tomorrow for a weeks time xD Sure, I'll take my things with me, such as notebook and sketchbook. But I wanted to have a lazy holiday. Seems things don't go as I like for some time now. And I have to apply for an internship at a advertising agency~ Dunno where I should go to...

Well, something else... I still haven't finished viewing my dramas... and still start to view some new ones x.x At this very moment there are about 14 dramas I started but didn't finish yet @.@ Right now my uncle is visiting so I have now even less time to pack my suitcase...

Maaaa~ I should go then, cause I'll surely forget to pack some things xD

24. Okt 2009

wtf Hiro

Whyyyy~ T,T

Why does something so easy take so extremely long?
Really, all I have to do is do some logos, labels and add both on some glass bottles in Photoshop... So why the hell does it take so long? I am really at a loss. Especially because I have a presentation this tuesday. Well but since I can't really concentrate on it I'll just do it along the way.
By the way, I'm extremely hungry xD Can't wait till my mom finishes lunch xD

19. Okt 2009

Zukki Nakachi


Holiday's gonna end this sunday...  I really wish they'd last at least another one or two weeks, since I have two presentations next week regarding my college work *drop*
I really don't wanna~ But actually there's no real reason to complain since I'm done in about two years... I hope... Well, I'm not sure if I had better just chose a bit less subjects or at least not so many major ones. Doesn't matter, it's too late anyway^^

Just wanted to tell that I'm still out there doing my work (more or less) properly!